The Kidnapping Day

Myung-jun goes to kidnap 11-year-old Ro-hee at the suggestion of his ex-wife Hye-eun to pay for his daughter Hee-ae's hospital bills. On the way to her abduction, he accidentally hit Rohee by a car, and she wakes up with no memory of anything. First of all, Myeong-jun escapes the crisis by deceiving himself as her father, and tries to get money from the child's parents. But unable to contact the parents of Ro-hee, when he visit the house, the couple is found dead. Myeong-jun who hurriedly run away for fear of being framed for murder. Ro-hee, who has an extraordinary brain, gradually begins to doubt Myung-jun and suffers from fragments of reviving memories.

  • Director

    Park Yu-young

  • Writer

    Kim Je-young

  • Cast

    Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hun, Kim sin-lok

  • Format

  • Premiere