Oh! Youngsim

Miss you. Wanna hear you. Wanna see and go with you.

The 33-year-old Young-sim, who has passed the storm and rage age of 15, is no longer allowed to make any mistakes.

Young-sim, an 8th year producer at the variety program department, who suffers from low viewership ratings for each program she creates, applies for a romance show pilot to come back from the brink. And for the success of the show, she tries to recruit a CEO of popular startups. By the way, surprisingly, he was Wang Gyeong-tae, a childhood friend who suddenly disappeared without a rumor in front of Young-sim 18 years ago!

Will they be able to go back to their relationship when they were 15? Can we be friends again?

  • Director

    Oh Hwan-min, Kim Kyung-eun

  • Writer

    Jun Sun-yong

  • Cast

    Song Ha-yoon, Lee DongHae

  • Format

    45' X 10

  • Premiere

    '15 May