Moon in the Day

'Han Jun-oh' - With his handsome face, tall height, and warm, sweet voice, he is a top star in Korea who instantly rose to stardom. Then one day, Jun-oh's vehicle suddenly crashes into the Han River, and he dies. Shock for a while. Jun-oh, who had died, awoke again. Not as Han Jun-oh, but as 'Doha - a vengeful ghost who has not been able to return to the kingdom for 1500 years'. There is only one reason why Doha coveted Jun-oh's body. That is, to kill 'Hanrita' who murdered him and return to the heaven. 'Hanita'. She was a woman he should never have met from the beginning. A stupid girl who risked her life to save her compatriots without even thinking about her miserable situation. She was just a nasty girl who saw through Doha's lonely heart. But he fell in love with her and decided to give his all for her. However, contrary to his promise and heart to her, he is killed by Hanrita. So 1500 years passed, and when Doha couldn't leave her side because of her anger towards her Rita, 'Hanrita', he met 'Young-hwa'. Among the many repeated lives of 'Hanrita', Doha finally recognized that 'Young-hwa' is 'Hanrita'. At that moment, Doha made a promise by himself that will extinguish this terrible curse on her by killing her. He try to release from the hell of her bondage and leaves this dreaded world!

  • Director

    Pyo MIn-su

  • Writer

    Kim Seung-won

  • Cast

    Kim Young-dae, Pyo Ye-jin

  • Format

  • Premiere