Tell Me that You Love Me

Jin-woo and Mo-eun, who met by chance at the filming set in Jeju Island where they went for a supporting role in the movie, felt good while giving and receiving a little help. It was hard to exactly distinguish whether she was worried that he couldn't hear her or whether she had a crush on Jinwoo, but there were so many things she wants to know him. Gestures, texts... Although it was a little slow, a pleasant conversation continued between Mo-eun and Jin-woo. Having good hearing doesn't mean you can communicate well with everyone. Without complicated thoughts, Mo-eun thought that he was a good match for her and started learning sign language to share more. In the end, Jin-Woo opened his tightly closed heart at Mo-Eun's innocent appearance, as if she has written letters on her face saying like she misses him and is happy to meet him. However, her innocence and honesty, which she doesn't seem to know how to hide even when there are things she hates or struggles with, was used to hurt Jin-Woo. At first, Mo-eun liked Jin-woo, who didn't listen sideways or give vague answers. She felt that his efforts were love not miss a single word from Moeun. But at some point Mo-eun keeps wishing that he would become an ordinary boyfriend who would notice me quickly when I heard a growl, and that when I was upset, he would come running to me as if something big happened with a sigh over the phone without having to explain the whole situation with a hundred text messages. Sometimes even she get so tired of reading sign language so want to turn my head and look away. Different languages, disabilities, pictures... Mo-Eun struggles to bridge the gap with her Jin-Woo, but one day, as she realizes that it will never be easy, Seo-gyeong, Jin-woo's ex-lover, appears.

  • Director

    Kim Yun-jin

  • Writer

    Kim Min-jung

  • Cast

    Jung Woo-sung, Shin Hyun-bin

  • Format

  • Premiere